The marine transports, particularly in the south, are taking a heavy hit as a result of the high cost of hiring. The issue of price increases for container handling by sea has already begun to emerge in the second half of 2020. However, while the problem has affected some of the world’s maritime transport, it is the ports of Campania that have taken the brunt of the damage this spring 2022.
The warning comes from some of the most important southern entrepreneurs in the agri-food sector, who are bearing the brunt of the consequences of this situation more than anyone else.


Expensive hires: increases fno to +300%

When we examine our ability to manage exports from our country to countries with a mature economy, we see that transportation costs have increased by 3/4, with worsening changes in services that we used to receive.
A deterioration that puts the southern economy in serious jeopardy, as the Affda marine transports the distribution of pasta, tomatoes, and other agricultural and food fliera products.
The expensive hires, in fact, place a burden on the foreign buyer, who is forced to pay a higher price as Italian products become less competitive in their home markets. Despite a slight decrease in 2020, maritime transport remains the primary mode of international trade: 90 percent of goods transit at sea.
The businesses that have always loaded their own goods on ships departing from the piers of Naples and Salerno are now facing serious difficulties. The excellence of Made in Italy agribusiness products may necessitate a reduction in exports.
A situation caused in part by a lack of resources (some ships are not green-compliant) and in part by an increase in available space.


Marfreight’s proposed solution

Afdarsi to a competent partner in international maritime transport can be the right choice for those who do not want to make mistakes and want the best solution in terms of convenience and professionalism.
The hire quotations that we at Marfreight propose turn out to be highly competitive in a market that, as we have seen, is causing prices to skyrocket. We make every effort to offer our partners monthly contracts with instalments that attempt to eliminate the difficulties caused by the current historical situation. We work hard to provide the best solutions, even on the routes with the highest percentage of increases.
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Quando pensiamo al termine door-to-door delivery il primo pensiero che ci viene in mente è la consegna di un prodotto al consumatore. Ma spesso le parole hanno un significato diverso in base al contesto. Quando noi di MarFreight parliamo di door-to-door delivery ci riferiamo a un servizio specifico che prevede la consegna completa di un carico dal mittente al destinatario con un’unica gestione. 

Qualsiasi sia il vettore o la combinazione di vettori scelti in base all’opzione più vantaggiosa per il cliente, il servizio di door to door delivery comprende il trasporto completo, fino all’indirizzo di destinazione finale. In tutte le fasi del trasporto assicuriamo una gestione completa delle merci da e per tutte le parti del mondo. 

Vantaggi e svantaggi di una soluzione completa

Il viaggio di un carico parte dal ritiro della merce direttamente dal magazzino o dalla fabbrica del mittente e percorre tutte le fasi che normalmente sono divise tra chi importa ed esporta il prodotto. Solitamente la responsabilità di uno arriva dove inizia la responsabilità dell’altro, ad esempio al porto di destinazione, o in un punto concordato tra le parti. E sono proprio queste situazioni di passaggio le fasi più delicate del trasporto internazionale. Con la soluzione door-to-door invece, il trasporto viene gestito interamente da un singolo operatore che ne è responsabile e che si assicura che la merce arrivi a destinazione in perfette condizioni. Un vantaggio non solo per chi ne usufruisce, ma anche per chi richiede effettivamente il servizio perchè ha la sicurezza che la merce giunga a destinazione senza subire danni causati da terze parti. Dall’altro lato gestire interamente il trasporto completo di un carico da una parte all’altra del mondo, senza dividere i costi (e le responsabilità) con nessuno può essere relativamente costoso rispetto alla gestione di un trasporto condiviso.

Perchè scegliere il door-to-door?

Il servizio door-to-door può quindi presentare diversi vantaggi e svantaggi e talvolta scegliere può sembrare facile se si guarda solamente ad alcuni aspetti, come prezzo e tempi di consegna. Bisogna però invece tener conto di tante altre variabili o imprevisti che non potrebbero mai venire in mente a chi non ha esperienza nel settore delle spedizioni internazionali. 

Affidarsi a consulenti competenti, che conoscono tutte le casistiche e gli scenari possibili che possono presentarsi quando si tratta di trasporti internazionali, diventa la scelta migliore per chi non vuole commettere errori.

Puoi contattarci qui per una richiesta di preventivo su misura.

We’ve been through restrictions, lockdowns, and infections in the last few months. This situation has had an impact not only on everyone’s personal lives, but also on the global transportation sector. There have been numerous delivery delays, particularly for raw materials. We are well aware that logistics and transportation necessitate well-organized actions and procedures, the failure of which risks affecting the subsequent stages.
And, as a result, the entire supply chain is delayed. What happened exactly in the world of
sea transport

The interminable waits found in world-wide distribution ports are one of the main causes of delays. The processes of embarkation and disembarkation are noticeably slowed due to port lockdowns and increasingly stringent procedures to avoid contact.
The ships’ punctuality has dropped from 80 percent to 35 percent.
As a result, the ships are stuck in port waiting for their turn, causing a delay in the delivery of goods. It is possible, for example, that microchip assembly companies and electronic devices fail to meet deadlines for finished product delivery because they lack the primary raw materials with which to manufacture products.

The greater the scarcity of a product, the higher its market value and price. This is true for both products and transportation, both of which have increased significantly, which naturally affects the final consumer. Import/export costs have increased by up to 6-7 times.

Furthermore, the years 2020 and 2021 were marked by a much more practical shortage: containers. It was difficult (and thus expensive) to find 40′ containers available for departure near the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. Fortunately, the problem appears to be resolved, but this demonstrates that the sea transport sector is influenced by a plethora of factors.

According to the Review of Maritime Transport 2021, a global official document that analyzes the changes and future perspectives of marine transport, it is clear that the factors that influence transport performance are numerous and diverse. In any case, the pandemic has played a larger role in the current crisis: infected and forced personnel at home, a lack of qualified personnel to replace it, entire cities and ports closed for lockdown, and a minor increase in demand due to the growth of e-commerce and purchases. All of these factors highlight the issues of a complex and challenging industry.

In international transportation, it is therefore critical to rely on an experienced consultant who knows how to plan your needs and adapt them to current dynamics in order to achieve the best possible result.

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Work dedication, company passion, a highly specialized team… these are all factors that lead to measurable results.

We are delighted to be named among the “Growth Leaders 2022“, an important recognition of the great work done in these years of activity, which fills us with satisfaction and pride.


The ranking, compiled by Statista and published last November in Il Sole 24 Ore, ranks 450 Italian companies that have grown in terms of turnover and staff employed over the three-year period 2017-2020.

The competition, now in its fourth edition, examined nearly 7000 companies: we are proud to be among those that have contributed to the country’s technological breakthrough.


We have faced a path of growth at Marfreight on several fronts, not only in terms of turnover, but also, and most importantly, from an organizational standpoint.

Despite the pandemic problems that have plagued us in recent months, we have tripled the number of people who are accompanying us on this adventure that is Marfreight, doubled the number of seats, and increased the number of customers… we have created an effective organizational structure for all those involved in the company.


We are expanding, and we are pleased that this has been validated by Statesman; in fact, we are among the first 10 firms in the field of transportation and logistics to have faced a distance of growth and transformation that has placed us straight among the country’s best.

What is our goal for the next three years? We want to become more structured, and create a company with a bigger vision than the one you have now.

Our daily challenge is to be the best at what we do: being up to speed on customs practices so that we can assist, support, and advise our customers along the logistics supply chain for products transiting to and from Italy.

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Advice, proximity, and presence: all played important roles in our company’s history.

A nearly ten-year story: we are a shipping house that works as a partner with businesses, assisting them with expertise and professionalism in shipment operations planning.

We design and organize all aspects of the transportation chain, from ship management and space guarantee to the procurement of shipment-ready equipment.

A young company that evolves with the times

Marfreight is led by people who have extensive knowledge of the maritime transport sector: General Manager Luigi Frungillo and Operative Directors Maria Fera, experts who combine knowledge and expertise to provide shipping and customs advice for any type of need.

To assist top managers, bilingual collaborators who enthusiastically and professionally guide customers in making the best business decisions.

We have been able to retain and grow with our customers thanks to our commitment and constant work, which has led us to review the entire corporate structure: from a few people in the company to a structured team, from a small office in Naples to a doubling of offices in Naples and Bari.

Our mission is to assist customers: the world of international shipments is complex; it cannot be reduced to the simple transfer of goods from one location to another, but must be subject to precise customs, legal, commercial, and insurance aspects. All of this may appear to be complicated to businesses, but with our assistance, it becomes more fluid and simple.

We manage the entire commercial and operational organization: we identify the suppliers – located all over the world – that are best suited to each customer’s business and guide him toward the choice that balances economy and improvement of results.

This is followed by a more operational phase in which we enter the logistic supply chain in real time, producing all travel documentation and completing the formalities required so that the goods – of whatever kind – can be enlivened with whichever means of terrestrial transport, maritime, air, and intermodal.

We are committed to providing customized solutions to improve our customers’ logistics and shipping services. 

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