Safe handling

MarFreight is a forwarding company that operates as a company’s partner, assisting it with competence and professionalism in the planning of import/export operations, helping the exporter/importer fulfil all the necessary formalities for the regular, international trade of goods.

Established in 2014, MarFreight already has a strong, specific identity; it was formed by a group of professionals whose skills learned at the Naval College of Naples have been built on and perfected in over 20 years of experience at the major international shipping and transport companies.

The ability to speak for companies

Shipments by sea, land, air and intermodal connections. Today MarFreight is represented by professionals who can create detailed plans of times and costs needed to carry out all the procedures related to national and international transport – and achieve the customer’s goal.

We offer services

MarFreight brings a range of services together – acting on behalf of goods’ owners – in order to make customs operations flow smoothly and ensure the general safety of goods and persons.

We know which shipping service is best, and which route best fits a budget and the requirements of the goods. We offer our knowledge and experience to make your choice the best for you.

Our priority is to help you with every detail of the shipping process

MarFreight serves a supporting role to companies in planning their shipments along the entire transportation chain – from the shipment’s organization to its documentation, and from customs clearance up to delivery.

Always carried out by indicating the most appropriate solutions to ensure the affordability of shipments, combined with the proper execution of customs and administrative procedures, Marfreight’s consultancy has quite a distinguished value.
When services are offered, Marfreight always conducts a search for the best, most functional solution, trying to match multiple variables.

Building partnerships

The knowledge of all the actors involved in the performance of services is important in order to carefully monitor and coordinate every stage of transportation.

Trust makes all the difference. Before the service itself.

The supplier is crucial. MarFreight rigorously selects partners who can help increase the value of its service.

We are our clients' customer care

The client is accompanied step by step, response times are brought to a minimum and the service provided is faster.
That is why the customer is an integral part of the company, as is the supplier.