Advice, proximity, and presence: all played important roles in our company’s history.

A nearly ten-year story: we are a shipping house that works as a partner with businesses, assisting them with expertise and professionalism in shipment operations planning.

We design and organize all aspects of the transportation chain, from ship management and space guarantee to the procurement of shipment-ready equipment.

A young company that evolves with the times

Marfreight is led by people who have extensive knowledge of the maritime transport sector: General Manager Luigi Frungillo and Operative Directors Maria Fera, experts who combine knowledge and expertise to provide shipping and customs advice for any type of need.

To assist top managers, bilingual collaborators who enthusiastically and professionally guide customers in making the best business decisions.

We have been able to retain and grow with our customers thanks to our commitment and constant work, which has led us to review the entire corporate structure: from a few people in the company to a structured team, from a small office in Naples to a doubling of offices in Naples and Bari.

Our mission is to assist customers: the world of international shipments is complex; it cannot be reduced to the simple transfer of goods from one location to another, but must be subject to precise customs, legal, commercial, and insurance aspects. All of this may appear to be complicated to businesses, but with our assistance, it becomes more fluid and simple.

We manage the entire commercial and operational organization: we identify the suppliers – located all over the world – that are best suited to each customer’s business and guide him toward the choice that balances economy and improvement of results.

This is followed by a more operational phase in which we enter the logistic supply chain in real time, producing all travel documentation and completing the formalities required so that the goods – of whatever kind – can be enlivened with whichever means of terrestrial transport, maritime, air, and intermodal.

We are committed to providing customized solutions to improve our customers’ logistics and shipping services. 

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