We ship any type of cargo anywhere in the world, from groupage to door-to-door.

Terrestrial shipments are the focal point of integrated logistics: they allow goods to be transported to their destination, completing the supply chain in a capillary fashion.

They provide a high level of flexibility in the management of any type of load, whether in terms of characteristics, weight, or volume.

Land services are classified according to the type of service, the load (full, partial, or groupage), the complexity or peculiarities of the shipment (temperature controlled transport, perishable or dangerous goods).

Marfreight is able to provide its customers with the best solutions for all types of international overland shipments. We take charge of your goods, maintaining full control of the transport and providing full service assistance, including the preparation of necessary documentation, tax and customs support, and ensuring the safe transfer of goods in accordance with international laws.

Land shipments: the ideal flexibility for tailor-made solutions

Marfreight’s experience in the field of shipments enables it to manage Over-Size and Out Shape transports. This type of solution is required to manage goods with specific length, volume, or weight characteristics, which necessitate a variety of modes of transport with the highest possible performance while adhering to all applicable regulations.
Groupage shipments are the ideal solution for those who need to ship small loads while keeping costs to a minimum. Important and consolidated partnerships over the years have enabled us to ensure shipping speed, with the option of storage at foreign correspondents.

Important, certified carriers, carefully selected based on professionalism and safety criteria, enable us to provide a wide range of services, including tailored Door-to-Door Delivery for customers.

Our ground transportation services

  • Full and abridged bilic transport
  • Transport in poor condition
  • container shipping
  • Temperature-controlled transport
  • ADR for transportation