Shipments by sea to and from any location can be provided in a variety of ways.

The shipper’s soul provides Marfreight with the knowledge and competencies required to cure every phase of sea shipments.
We take care of and follow every stage of the maritime services offered, from the lifting of the cargo on the transport unit to the delicate operation of stowage, so that the goods can travel safely while preserving their quality and integrity.
Ensuring proper cargo setup and stowage is a critical phase of sea cargo transport because it allows you to avoid any damage to people or property. This can only be accomplished with a thorough understanding of standards and technical details. Knowledge that our company can provide to its customers due to the vast experience of the people who make up Marfreight. As a result, you can offer industry-competitive prices.

Shipping by sea: container dimensions and service types

Shipments by sea are currently the most popular shipping method due to their low cost and large load capacities.
The shipping service offers a variety of options based on the type of goods and the quantity of cargo.
The container is the primary unit of cargo used to ship a large quantity of goods.
Approximately 90% of all shipping is done by container, which can hold the collection, the assortment of goods to be shipped.
Container 20′ BOX, 20 feet units, corresponding to approximately 6m long, Container 40′ BOX, 40 feet (approximately 12m long), and Container 40′ HIGH CUBE, 30 cm higher than the previous box.
Special equipment necessitates special containers: open top for out-of-shape goods, flat track for exceptional loads or out-of-shape loads, and so on. Temperature-controlled reefer Isotank, for transporting dangerous liquids in compressed or gas form, and SOC, containers that remain available at the destination.
Marfreight is able to identify the best container size and type for cargo transport based on the requests of its customers.
Consolidated relationships with the most important Marine Companies enable us to garrison all of Italy’s major ports, allowing cargos to arrive at any requested destination.

We look after your belongings... and your concerns.

Relying on a highly specialized transport service partner means being free of thought. Marfreight manages and monitors each phase of transport, relieving its customers of the burden of their customers’ thoughts and practices.
The complete management of the flow of transport, from boarding to final destination, ensures the safety of sea shipments. Each shipment is assigned to a single agent who monitors the load in real time using a computerized track and trace system. To provide services that are timely, dependable, traceable, and safe.

We offer maritime services.

  • Cargo Project
  • Customs advice for each type of merchandise
  • Ship assistance, spare parts for boarding and disembarking
  • Community transit via own guarantee
  • Customs and consular formalities
  • Management of goods ADR
  • Marketing of shipment contains