For years, shipowners are working on achieving an ambitious goal, a zero-emission shipping. A goal that cannot be postponed.

In this regard, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the main international trade association of shipbuilding industry, has proposed to create a fund worth 5 billions of dollars, in order to finance the technologic innovation needed to reduce emissions.

The proposal of the creation of the fund has been presented for the first time in 2019. Last year, it has received the support of the main maritime countries, such as Denmark, Greece, Japan, Panama, Singapore and United Kingdom. But also developing countries such as Liberia, Niger and Palau.

Zero-emission shipping: shipowners’ commitment

In order to reach a real decarbonisation of the maritime sector, it is fundamental a decisive push to the creation and use of new technologies and sustainable fuels

Shipowners, for their part, are working hard to have greener ships. A work slowed down by a low availability of alternative fuels, lack of infrastructure for the supplies and the creation of conditions, regulatory and bureaucratic, aimed at receiving in a decisive way the green change.

What slowed down Ics members’ commitment is also Imo (International Maritime Organization) lack of decision about the 5 billions of dollars fund. A fund that shipowners would be willing to finance out of their own pocket, with a withdrawal fee of 2 dollars per tonne, to apply to marine bunkering.

Confitarma’s voice

Mario Mattioli, president of Confitarma (Italian Confederation Shipping), has pointed out many times that the shipowning industry has already put together a series of solutions and investments to promote emission reduction. An example is the use of LPG as an alternative fuel, the use of batteries during the pause of the ships at the port, the Cold ironing.

The government, clarified the president of Confitarma, has already made a move in this way, with the PNRR 500 millions of resourches, intended for making the italian fleet greener. The risk is that, from that amount, currently reserved only for coasting sector in the Mediterrean, could be excluded an important part of company ships rooted in Italy, the ones that are working for a long time to build their path towards sustainability.

Sustainability of maritime sector has always been a subject very dear to us, MarFreight.That’s why, in our supporting role for companies in the shipping planning, we try to choose partners that, besides being the best solution for our customers’ needs, are also actively committed to support environmental protection projects.