International shippings by sea, weekly and direct, that are able to go to the United States, from Salerno, in just 12 days. A new challenge that has started from the last 1st of October.

Just in that date, in fact, the full container ship Velika Express has left the port of Salerno, opening the new ultra fast connection line, going directly to New York, Norfolk and Savannah.

An opportunity able to make Campania a central junction for trade with US and that comes in a particular moment, which has seen a decrease of the traffic of the 15% in the port of Salerno, in the first six months of 2022.

The Cargo ship of the German Hapag Lloyd is, until today, the fastest line that is able to connect Italy with the new Continent. A fast route that opens to the new connection with UK and North Europe which will start around mid-month.

The fast transport by sea Salerno-New York is a great opportunity for the italian agro-industry, and in particular for the one in Campania, that has in the american market an important commercial interlocutor. The speed of the new connections, in fact, guarantees an element of great competitivity for the italian economy, towed by the agro-food industry itself.

In the last days, Giovanni De Angelis, Anicav general manager, the national association of italian canners, has pointed out how, for the transport by sea, the port of Salerno is strategic, representing the first stopping place for the canned sector. Tinned tomatoes, for example, that can be found on the american, english or north Europe tables depart from here. 

The costs of sea freight we have faced, the increase of energy costs and all the labour costs, have stressed the canning industry. Fastest ships, and more convenient, could improve the situation. As long as we work even in terms of actions and infrastructural investments to strengthen the integrated logistics.

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