The marine transports, particularly in the south, are taking a heavy hit as a result of the high cost of hiring. The issue of price increases for container handling by sea has already begun to emerge in the second half of 2020. However, while the problem has affected some of the world’s maritime transport, it is the ports of Campania that have taken the brunt of the damage this spring 2022.
The warning comes from some of the most important southern entrepreneurs in the agri-food sector, who are bearing the brunt of the consequences of this situation more than anyone else.


Expensive hires: increases fno to +300%

When we examine our ability to manage exports from our country to countries with a mature economy, we see that transportation costs have increased by 3/4, with worsening changes in services that we used to receive.
A deterioration that puts the southern economy in serious jeopardy, as the Affda marine transports the distribution of pasta, tomatoes, and other agricultural and food fliera products.
The expensive hires, in fact, place a burden on the foreign buyer, who is forced to pay a higher price as Italian products become less competitive in their home markets. Despite a slight decrease in 2020, maritime transport remains the primary mode of international trade: 90 percent of goods transit at sea.
The businesses that have always loaded their own goods on ships departing from the piers of Naples and Salerno are now facing serious difficulties. The excellence of Made in Italy agribusiness products may necessitate a reduction in exports.
A situation caused in part by a lack of resources (some ships are not green-compliant) and in part by an increase in available space.


Marfreight’s proposed solution

Afdarsi to a competent partner in international maritime transport can be the right choice for those who do not want to make mistakes and want the best solution in terms of convenience and professionalism.
The hire quotations that we at Marfreight propose turn out to be highly competitive in a market that, as we have seen, is causing prices to skyrocket. We make every effort to offer our partners monthly contracts with instalments that attempt to eliminate the difficulties caused by the current historical situation. We work hard to provide the best solutions, even on the routes with the highest percentage of increases.
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