Panama Canal: disruptions to trade routes

Over the last month, the Panama Canal, one of the world's two most important waterways, has encountered an unprecedented problem that could jeopardise global trade, even next year. The severe drought in 2023 significantly diminished the flow rate to an extent that it has impeded the passage of container ships. In the past few weeks, [...]

European ports: Chinese influence worries Member States

In recent months, there has been growing concern on several fronts over the economic and political influence of China in European ports. The debate has been revived, not least because of COSCO's bid to buy 35 percent of Tollerort Terminal (CTT), a small container terminal in Hamburg. According to a report by the consultancy firm [...]

Ocean freight volatility: concerns for 2024

In recent years, there has been increasing volatility in ocean freight rates: in the last three months of 2023, for example, quotations registered sharp falls, which have inevitably influenced market trends. The uncertainty in the industry raises many concerns, in particular about the resilience of the supply chain for 2024. Taking stock is the analyst [...]

Container transport: contracts continue to decrease

Container transport contracts are still decreasing. This was stated a few weeks ago by Xeneta, the leading benchmarking platform for shipping rates, which released data for the August period. According to the analysis carried out by Xeneta, the level of rates for container transport contracts in the reported month fell by a further 7.8%. Here [...]

CBAM: from October the new regulation on non-EU goods

The CBAM Regulation is law. We had already talked about it in a previous article, published at the time of the agreement between the members of the European Council and the European Parliament on the need to take measures to curb Environmental Dumping.  The CBAM Regulation, we reiterate, starts from the need to impose a [...]

Marfreight offices grow: new Genoa office has also opened

After the opening of the two Marfreight offices in Salerno and Milan, our company completes its Italian development project for 2023, with the opening of a new sales and operations office in Genoa, the hub of sea transport. As with the other offices in the area, the Genoa office is a strategic choice closely related [...]

Marfreight is expanding: headquarters are now also in Milano Segrate

The Marfreight headquarters keep multiplying: On the 1st of May, our offices in Milano Segrate will officially be operational. This was a strategic decision for our maritime/air transportation services, placing us in one of the hotspots of international logistics. Marfreight offices: the reason behind the opening of our new Milan headquarters Milan is the beating [...]

Marfreight is growing, and it has just opened a new headquarter in Salerno

Our new Marfreight headquarters in Salerno is finally operational. Starting from the 1st of April, our forwarding company will now be based also in Salerno, a strategic location for maritime transport. Our offices in Salerno will provide territorial support to developing our company’s activities in the fields of Customs and Health checks, relying on skilled [...]

Italian shipping and inflation: what is forecast for 2023?

Italian shipping and inflation, what’s the current situation? An overview was provided by the latest Fedespedi Economic Outlook published in March last year.  According to the report, the effects of the economic uncertainties related to the war in Ukraine could run into 2023.  Of particular concern with regard to Italian shipping is the increase in [...]

Growth Leaders 2023: Marfreight among top European companies

On 21 March, the Financial Times published the FT 1000: a list of the 1,000 fastest growing European companies over the last three years.  To our great pride, Marfreight made the list as the first Italian company, in Europe, in the Logistics and Transport sector. A great result that rewards our commitment over the past [...]

Friend Shoring: A Global Market Crisis Response

In recent months, there has been increasing talk of Friend Shoring, a new approach to the global  market.  Because of the market crisis caused by global events such as the Pandemic and the war in Ukraine,  countries have seen the need to diversify supply chains in order to make their economies less  vulnerable to external [...]

(Italiano) Presto un dazio ambientale sui beni importati in UE

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How to Calculate and Use VGM Weighing

VGM weighing is a critical procedure in the sea transport of goods.   The acronym VGM stands for Verified Gross Mass and refers to a container's verified gross mass. In fact, the information is derived from the sum of the net weight of the goods and the tara of the container.   This is a required piece [...]

Salerno-New York in 12 days: here’s the new ultra-fast shippings

International shippings by sea, weekly and direct, that are able to go to the United States, from Salerno, in just 12 days. A new challenge that has started from the last 1st of October. Just in that date, in fact, the full container ship Velika Express has left the port of Salerno, opening the new [...]

Sea freight: freight rates costs record first drops

Good news from freight rates. It still keeps going on the downward trend of the freight rates cost of container on the main routes of sea freight. After a long period in which costs were increased even to 3-4 times, strongly penalizing, among others, the ports in Campania, at the beginning of this summer the [...]

Ecological transition: shippers are ready, but only if the process will be gradual

The debate still goes on about the shipping ecological transition and the part done by the protagonists of the sector for the path towards enviromental sustainability. During the annual “Assarmatori” meeting, the President, Stefano Messina, talked again about the shippers’ position, not hiding some perplexity: “We are demostrating our preparedness, as shippers, to adjust fleet, [...]

Intermodality: the role of inland port in reducing emissions

Intermodality as the main element in an environmental sustainability and economic strategy of transport. That’s the most taken path to give a tangible breakthrough to cut emissions in this sector. A path involving the italian system of connection port – inland port and that can give a major boost to the strategic growth of Italy [...]

Zero-emission shipping: the sustanaibility that struggles to start

For years, shipowners are working on achieving an ambitious goal, a zero-emission shipping. A goal that cannot be postponed. In this regard, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the main international trade association of shipbuilding industry, has proposed to create a fund worth 5 billions of dollars, in order to finance the technologic innovation needed [...]

Marine transports: the increase prices that worries the food companies

The marine transports, particularly in the south, are taking a heavy hit as a result of the high cost of hiring. The issue of price increases for container handling by sea has already begun to emerge in the second half of 2020. However, while the problem has affected some of the world's maritime transport, it [...]

Door-to-door delivery: cos’è e perchè sceglierlo

Quando pensiamo al termine door-to-door delivery il primo pensiero che ci viene in mente è la consegna di un prodotto al consumatore. Ma spesso le parole hanno un significato diverso in base al contesto. Quando noi di MarFreight parliamo di door-to-door delivery ci riferiamo a un servizio specifico che prevede la consegna completa di un […]

What is causing the transportation sector’s delays?

We've been through restrictions, lockdowns, and infections in the last few months. This situation has had an impact not only on everyone's personal lives, but also on the global transportation sector. There have been numerous delivery delays, particularly for raw materials. We are well aware that logistics and transportation necessitate well-organized actions and procedures, the [...]

Marfreight one of the Leader of the 2022 Increase

Work dedication, company passion, a highly specialized team... these are all factors that lead to measurable results. We are delighted to be named among the "Growth Leaders 2022", an important recognition of the great work done in these years of activity, which fills us with satisfaction and pride.   The ranking, compiled by Statista and [...]


Advice, proximity, and presence: all played important roles in our company's history. A nearly ten-year story: we are a shipping house that works as a partner with businesses, assisting them with expertise and professionalism in shipment operations planning. We design and organize all aspects of the transportation chain, from ship management and space guarantee to [...]