Marine transports: the increase prices that worries the food companies

The marine transports, particularly in the south, are taking a heavy hit as a result of the high cost of hiring. The issue of price increases for container handling by sea has already begun to emerge in the second half of 2020. However, while the problem has affected some of the world's maritime transport, it [...]

Door-to-door delivery: cos’è e perchè sceglierlo

Quando pensiamo al termine door-to-door delivery il primo pensiero che ci viene in mente è la consegna di un prodotto al consumatore. Ma spesso le parole hanno un significato diverso in base al contesto. Quando noi di MarFreight parliamo di door-to-door delivery ci riferiamo a un servizio specifico che prevede la consegna completa di un […]

What is causing the transportation sector’s delays?

We've been through restrictions, lockdowns, and infections in the last few months. This situation has had an impact not only on everyone's personal lives, but also on the global transportation sector. There have been numerous delivery delays, particularly for raw materials. We are well aware that logistics and transportation necessitate well-organized actions and procedures, the [...]

Marfreight one of the Leader of the 2022 Increase

Work dedication, company passion, a highly specialized team... these are all factors that lead to measurable results. We are delighted to be named among the "Growth Leaders 2022", an important recognition of the great work done in these years of activity, which fills us with satisfaction and pride.   The ranking, compiled by Statista and [...]


Advice, proximity, and presence: all played important roles in our company's history. A nearly ten-year story: we are a shipping house that works as a partner with businesses, assisting them with expertise and professionalism in shipment operations planning. We design and organize all aspects of the transportation chain, from ship management and space guarantee to [...]