The consultant
serves a key role in cost optimization

Arising from the union of professionals with experience in various logistics activities, each with relevant national and international experience, MarFreight is not merely a provider of traditional transportation services, but offers technical advice for optimizing transportation costs.

Consultancy is crucial for planning the suitable management of all aspects related to transport; this management impacts a company’s operational performance as well as its economic performance.

MarFreight’s consultants offer their specific expertise in a highly dynamic and constantly evolving field. Maritime shipments, in particular, involve many procedures and technical details that are important to be aware of.

Finding and combining solutions to cut costs

Our knowledge of logistics stakeholders and technical/bureaucratic specifications allows us to propose improvements and affect costs in the process flow, thereby generating lower costs in the transportation chain.

Minimizing expenses, choosing optimal logistic routes, saving on delivery times: choosing the best solution becomes a key factor in the timeliness and efficiency of the goods’ delivery.

Precisely for the simplicity of its organizational structure and the expertise of its professionals, MarFreight has a remarkable ability to adapt to customer needs.

We are a real consultant who offers its skills in coordinating all operations, including lashing and stowing.

MarFreight's experience for particular customs consultancy

Offering advice and organization for final and temporary imports and exports, used to outsource certain stages of production cycles with companies in other countries.

Active customs processing differs from passive customs processing based on where the processing takes place: if in Italy, it is considered active processing; conversely, if the processing is carried out abroad, it is considered passive processing. In particular, the passive processing regime allows operators to temporarily export goods to be subjected to processing outside of the Community customs territory, which will then subsequently return into Community territory, with total or partial exemption from customs duties.

(The active processing regime is governed as temporary importation by articles 175 and following of Italian Presidential Decree 43/73).