Good news from freight rates. It still keeps going on the downward trend of the freight rates cost of container on the main routes of sea freight.

After a long period in which costs were increased even to 3-4 times, strongly penalizing, among others, the ports in Campania, at the beginning of this summer the prices of sea freight on container have started to decrease.

At the end of July, freight rates costs have inverted their trend, facing a drop that allowed to break the psychological threshold of 10k dollars, for boxes with 40 feet. In particular, the significant drop in prices has interested even freight transport from and to Cina, even routes that interested Italy.

In the route Shangai-Rotterdam, according to Drewry, the independent consulting firm for maritime research, the drop in prices was so heavy that made again convenient the transit of goods through Mediterrean, compared to the ports in North Europe.

A trend that fits within a generalized framework of a substantial stability, slightly verging on downward.

Freight rates costs: future prospects

According to Peter Berglund, Xeneta CEO, analyst firm specialized in marine shipment, the trend in the sector in the medium-long term could be influenced by some factors. For example, the persistence of problems in the supply chains, the ongoing union initiatives in the main ports in Germany, UK, US, lockdown for Covid in Cina and the low levels of water caused by climate change in the Rhine. All of these, according to the norwegian analyst firm, have to be observed to comprehend and anticipate the trend market and relative prices.

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